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The Book


The Book

'Underneath the Roses Where I Remembered Everything' is a collection of exposed and vulnerable moments from the perspective of a nurse. It explores the importance of memories and things that slip away from us as life goes on. These poems contain both the blood and the bile, from first kisses to the last breaths of lives lived within and beyond hospital walls.

"Molly's sincerity, compassion and integrity shines through her poetry and her skill as a nurse. She brings warmth and comfort to her readers and her patients." 

- Dr Peter Carter OBE


"Molly Case combines a sharp eye for everyday detail with a rare compassion to create inventive and finely crafted poems that, even as they captivate us with their music and move us with their urgency, are never less than rigorously honest."

- John Burnside


“Molly Case’s work connects like that of very few others; it is finely crafted, beautifully observed, and always compellingly relevant.”

- Musa Okwonga


“I’d like to rain these poems into the minds of journalists slandering the NHS and all its staff. It’s a much needed collection full of stories that need to be out in public; not just trapped in the memories of dedicated healthcare workers.”

- Hollie McNish